We’re the #1 platform helping beverage alcohol brands grow their eCommerce business

Sell your beverage alcohol brand directly from your site using our compliant, best-in-class network of licensed liquor retailers.

Alcohol eCommerce is on the rise!

“E-commerce will be the number one driver of industry growth over the next decade and a critical component of brand building, awareness, and trial.”
Rabobank, 2022 Alcohol e-Commerce playbook
Online alcohol sales*
*Source: RaboBank (2022 Alcohol E-Commerce playbook)


We connect brands to our top tier network of retailers across the country.

Sales are generated via your eCommerce website + social media channels.

Orders flow from your website to our network of licensed retail vendors.

Inventory is sent by you (the brand) to distributors and purchased by our retailers.

Store receives the orders and fulfills via custom OMS system.

Store ships to consumers via top tier carrier partners.

Our unique combo of tech + retailers!

  • Our technology handles inventory, payments, optimized and compliant
  • Our flexible API allows partners to connect any eCommerce platform to our
    fulfillment system — make your site look and feel how you want!
  • Our technology enables ownership of relationships and flexible offerings
    including gifting, bundles, kits, engravings, custom boxes, etc.

We are your eCommerce execution team!

  • Operations and fulfilment are what really matters to consumers.
  • Everyone is focused on Tech and Data; we go beyond that and provide you with the best customer service in the market.
  • We are the best team to provide you with account management, operations, customer service, distribution & inventory administration/orchestration.
  • We know how to work with retailers nationally to execute your eCommerce ops providing the best consumer experience
    for your customers.


We understand what drives beverage alcohol eCommerce.

Brands choose us because

Our retailer partners with 10+ years of eCommerce / shipping experience, with a dedicated fulfillment process.

90% of orders fulfil within 24-48 hrs. with +99% accuracy.

Bevstack offers seamless setup, onboarding, integration, account management and customer service.​

Our model is the best

  • Bevstack’s model allows brands and retailers to establish the most efficient, compliant and cost-efficient solution for direct-to-consumer fulfillment within the three-tier system.

  • Bevstack offers your brand complete compliant control over your customer relationships.


When you join Bevstack you have wider distribution both online and in store.

Wider distribution​

When you join Bevstack you have wider distribution both online and in store.

Listed at the top

Your product is able to be listed on top delivery and online marketplaces through our software integrations!

Physical stores

Most of our retailers will give you shelf space in their physical stores.​


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Online shoppers spend almost 3 times more than the average alcohol buyer.

+ 0 %
per purchase

Online shoppers spend 26%
more per purchase.

+ 0 %

Online shoppers increased purchases by 167% in 2021

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purchases per year

Online shoppers make 27 more alcohol purchases per year, 135% more than the average alcohol buyer.


Lucas Bols has 7 brands with Bevstack:
Pallini, Passoa, Bols, Damrak, Galliano, Nuvo and Tequila Partida.




each store per year



$ 0 M
expected in 2/3 years
"We're thrilled with the response time in customer service as well as the account management to help execute promotions, discounts, create new SKU's as well as inventory management support."
Tanya Cohn
Sr. Brand Manager

We let our customer success do the talking

Hundreds of brands and growing

Model plans

Start up plan

  • Less than 10 SKUs
  • Order service fee: $1/order
  • 500+ orders/month: Enterprise


10-50 SKUs

  • From 10 to 50 SKUs
  • Order service fee: $1/order
  • 500+ orders/month: Enterprise


50+ SKUs

  • More than 50 SKUs
  • Order service fee: $1/order
  • 500+ orders/month: Enterprise


Monthly service fee for account management, operations and customer service and distribution & inventory support.
Order Service Fee for routing and payment technology.
$16.50 flat rate shipping per box package (from retailers).


Signed contract with us


Product registered + distributed


Product pricing or SKUs


Shopify store configuration


Freshdesk configuration


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